We can start in the most classic possible way.
"Once upon a time ..." a couple who joined all their strength in a stormy moment. Life is made of great challenges, but for Odete and Carlos, these were never feared as they can see beyond the storms.
After over 25 years of experience in the textile field, Odete and Carlos have decided to unite and create ANPERRI, a company that bears not only their name, but also their essence, experience, delivery and an unwavering desire to do more and better.

Odete is dedicated to a more casual look, both for women and men, also covering the high-end pajamas market in value-added fabrics such as silks and viscose, where she puts all its knowledge in terms of modeling, cutting, trends and also her taste for the exciting world of fashion. Her objectivity and precision will make any client's work with ANPERRI not just a business, but a significant asset to your brand or company.

Carlos, through his skills and vast experience, is committed to find the best quality and detail to build and create the perfect uniform for your company. With his complete willingness to provide a quick and objective answer to your questions, he promises not to fail and will surely surprise you with the excellent end result you crave. ANPERRI is not just a team. It is a family willing to help you find the best deal and the best opportunities for your business, having at your disposal a country with a wide range of production and raw materials quality.

"We're here so that together we can grow your business!" - Odete Ribeiro and Carlos Ribeiro

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